EVA, the new ‘milkman of electricity’ breaks the charging paradigm

EVA delivers mobile charging capacity.

Any place where needed. For a few hours, a day, or longer

EVA believes that the fragmented network of charging points will be obsolete within ten years. By then, city dwellers will not own cars as they do today, nor will they charge by their homes during peak hours. Instead, they will share driverless electric vehicles as a service.

At night, these vehicles schedule and route themselves to centralised charging sites outside the city centre. Exit the stress of crowded parking at near-home chargers, and enter round the clock use of infrastructure and load balancing.

Lack of charging facilities in the Netherlands

Due to fast growth of electrically powered vehicles, the need for nearby charging facilities has gone up dramatically. To match this demand, the available charging points must triple.

Our city planners address this challenge by installing near-home charging network, tearing up and blocking roads in the busiest locations.

Lack of charging facilities
Mobile Electric Charging Capacity

EVA breaks the charging paradigm.

The new Milkman of Electricity

Image: PowerCube Box
& PowerCube Wheels

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